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BBC Indonesia: [!!!] Project 1.100 Won Untuk Block B ((Mohon dibaca baik2 ya ^^v))


Kabar baik untuk BBC di seluruh Indonesia karena Block B akhirnya mengumumkan tanggal Showcase mereka yaitu pada 3 Oktober 2013. Untuk turut menyemarakkan Showcase mereka, BBC Internasional mengadakan project 1100 Won. Dan Seperti yang sudah kalian ketahui, project 1.100 Won ini akan diikuti oleh…

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B ON THE BLOCK: POLL: Would you be willing to donate $1 to a project for Block B?


BBI is currently working on a BIG project for Block B’s comeback, and we’d like your input before we go ahead with our plan.

If we asked you to donate $1- no more, no less- to contribute to a project, would you actually do so?

If all of our followers and other intl BBCs joined in, we have a…

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Zico - Sam Mixtape Cover Verse 1 (cover by Angie)

BTS - Born Singer Cover ((Suga’s Part)) by AnGie~



Date of birth: 1997/9/01

Blood type: A

Things I like:

  • Red color
  • Drawing
  • Number 1
  • A sunny weather with a cool breeze
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Actually this is my gift for my fckin’ ultimate bias KIM YUKWON :p
But„ well, I haven’t had time to record and edit it (even after Block B B-Day.. OTL)
So.. I guess this is my Birthday gift for Block B 2nd Anniversary T^T

#StayStrongBlockB #2ndYearsOnTheBlock

Cr : Guitar, Bass, Vocal + Backing Vocal By me~ (@AnGieKwonnies)

basically kitty is still very stunned my Minhyuk’s skills

I need to do this justice ;___;

I need to do this justice ;___;

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Block B is on crack #2
MC: What do you guys do while waiting backstage?
Zico: We all sit down and think about our futures.
U-Kwon: We sleep.
Zico: We try to sketch out our futures and think things like, "What am I going to do in the future?"
U-Kwon: and sleep.
Zico: "Why am I sitting here?"
U-Kwon: and we sleep too.
Zico: We image train ourselves to think, "What more can I show on our next stage?"
U-Kwon: Sleep, sleep.
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He probably suffered the most, since he was young, he has been going in and out of the emergency room and his heart is weak. All he wanted was to perform and make music, it’s difficult for him, him being the leader and taking care of everything despite that he is the second youngest. He took the responsibility of shaving his head for his group, he also had to deal with vocal nodules and was taking a hiatus for eight months, but still he manages to stay strong and smile through it all. 

 Ukwon’s Gwiyomi Player

I also got this from japanese blog X’D OMG Jihoon!!

I also got this from japanese blog X’D OMG Jihoon!!

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